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"We couldn’t be more impressed with our new garage floor! Garage Sense did an incredible job and..."

"For as long as we can remember, we haven’t been able to park our cars in the garage because of..."

"The Monkey Bar System is like nothing I’d ever seen before – it holds absolutely everything..."

Lionville Garage Storage Ideas

Cleaning and organizing your garage can be a nightmare. Especially if your storage has continued to accumulate year after year with no designated spot for it. Garage Sense will help you tackle that problem and get started on your Lionville garage storage needs. Contact your Monkey Bars rep. and request a free quote today!

What Lionville Can Do For You

Wouldn’t it be nice to fit that second car in your garage? Utilizing your space takes a plan and a product, and Garage Sense can help you implement that. Your Lionville garage storage fix is just around the corner–and then you’ll be able to see what’s in every corner of your garage.

  • Stylish: Both of our garage flooring and cabinets are our style hitters. If you want something minimalist, traditional, or loud, Garage Sense will cater to those needs.
  • Transform: Your garage will look like a new place, and you’ll probably want to show it off. Why not keep that garage door open for a change?
  • Systematic: Now you can have a specific place for everything. No more junk piles and no more clutter.

What is Right for You

  • Garage ShelvingPlace Monkey Bars near or far from the wall, whichever your specific needs are.
  • Garage CabinetsHides and protects your storage while giving you a place to hold small items.
  • Overhead Garage StorageStop paying for storage units and utilize ceiling space. These racks are strong and can hold your long term items in a safe place.
  • Garage FlooringTransform your floor into a crack-free, put together space.

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Lionville Garage Storage and OrganizationThe Monkey Bar Storage Process

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by on May 29, 2012